SC-76 Thunderbolt

The Steel Core Designs Ltd., pedigree is unsurpassed with over 45 years experience of designing and manufacturing precision rifles for the civilian, law enforcement and military sectors. The SC-76 is the latest offering in our long line of successful tactical rifle designs; offering unrivalled accuracy, comfort, ease of operation and above all safety. Our new action uses a proven 4-lug bolt locking system, modified and improved by a new innovative firing pin system. Computer 3D modelling, CNC machining techniques and materials make this our strongest, safest and most reliable action ever.


SC-76 Thunderbolt Overview

SC-76 features a high tensile steel action with a 20mm diameter bolt, we use the latest low friction, wear resistant VDP coatings, making these weapons ideally suited for the harsh gritty conditions experienced in the deserts; performing equally well in extreme hot and cold conditions. As a consequence the need for lubrication is greatly reduced and can be used dry when necessary.

SC-76 action features a M27 barrel thread with a spigot for precise barrel centralisation and lock up. The heavy recoil plate system is located into both the action body and rifle stock; this guarantees repeatable location into the stock, this is vital for rifle accuracy and provides superb recoil management.

  • Effective range from 800 – 1000 metres dependent upon the ammunition, type of target and shooter skills.
  • The SC-76 ergonomics provides for shooter comfort and reduced recoil; this assists in the quick re-acquisition of target from shot to shot.
  • Our rifle actions are amongst the quickest “lock” times in the industry; this is due to the short firing pin travel of a 4-Lug bolt system and is typically 1.5 milliseconds.  When making a critical long distance shot with a long barrel rifle, these small advantages provide an important edge.
  • The most critical link between the shooter and the rifle is the trigger; the SC-76 has a genuine two (2) stage trigger with a predicable release and smooth operation. Set to 1.5 Kg pull weight as with all of our designs, it is easy to remove and replace for cleaning; the maintenance requirement is minimal. The rifle safety switch is incorporated in the trigger mechanism.
  • SCD barrels are produced to a very high quality match grade specification, fluted for improved heat dissipation and rifle balance. The barrel is threaded at the muzzle for easy attachment and detachment of the muzzle brake or suppressor to suit the mission requirement.
  • The muzzle brake is fitted as standard to the rifle and greatly reduces recoil; this further enhances the shooting experience and improves accuracy.
  • The ergonomic designed rifle stock makes this rifle a pleasure to use; it features a folding butt stock for easy cleaning, maintenance and transit. The materials are polyurethane rubber and aircraft specification alloys, which have been proven in extremes of hot and cold operational environments to maintain strength and stability.
  • The folding rifle butt incorporates a fully adjustable mono pod, which has a quick deployment feature with fine adjustment by a thumb wheel.
  • The SCD designed bipod is fully height adjustable and fits to the forend of the SC-76 maintaining the optimum pivot position around the centreline of the rifle. No tools are required to attach and detach the bipod.
  • All SCD rifle systems are able to accept any commercially available rifle scope, Night Vision Scopes or Thermal Imaging Sights and many other accessories to suit customer’s mission needs.
  • The SC-76 rifle is supplied with a fitted rigid waterproof case as standard for transit and storage and incorporates a field cleaning kit and tool kit.
  • SC-76 is supplied with a comprehensive operator manual. SCD can provide complete tailor made training solutions as required by customer.
  • Independent, witnessed test target can be provided with every new rifle on request.

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Calibre 7.62 x 51 NATO
Effective Range * 800 - 1000 Metres
Accuracy ** < ½ MOA
            <0.15 Mil Rad
Magazine x 2 10 Rounds per Magazine
Barrel Length 26” 66 cm
Barrel Twist 1 : 11” 1:27.9 cm
Overall Length 46” 116 cm
Folded Length 37” 94 cm
Operational Weight *** 16lbs 7.0 Kg
Stock Colour Black
Muzzle Brake Std
Bipod Std
Night Vision Rails Std
Sling Attachment Std
Field Tool Kit Std
Field Cleaning Kit Std
Hard Waterproof Case Std
Options Tactical Scope & Rings
  LAD’s Rail
  NV & TI Sights
  Drag Bag
  Sound Suppressor
Other Models 8.6 x 70 (338 Lap Mag) SC-86
  12.7 x 99  (50 BMG) SC-127


* Dependent upon ammunition and shooter skill.

** Using match grade ammunition, group size as defined by SCD is measured from shot centre to centre with a four shot group.  Tested distance 100 metres.

*** Approximate as dependant on accessories.

Specifications will vary according to customer needs.