Rangemaster 7.62mm rifle STBY G2 Tactical Weapon

Rangemaster 7.62mm rifle STBY G2



A high performance tactical rifle with an effective range of up to 200m using subsonic ammunition and 500m using supersonic ammunition manufactured from RANGEMASTER’s world beating products, designed for professionals and enthusiasts alike. The heart of the Rangemaster G2 STBY is the RANGEMASTER 4-lug Quadlite® action renowned for unrivalled accuracy, durability and safety. This will probably be the most accurate rifle you will ever own.



Calibre 308 Winchester 7.62x51 Nato


Barrel Length 16" 406mm


Twist Rate 1 turn in 10" 1 turn in 254mm


Overall Length 38" 965mm


Length Folded 27.5" (including Muzzle Brake) 698mm


Rifle weight (Excluding 6.17Kg Bipod and Scope) 13Ib 10oz


Magazine capacity 10


Fitment for Night vision Standard


Mount for Torch/ Standard Laser designator


Threaded for Muzzle Yes brake or Sound Moderator


Muzzle brake included Yes


Sling attachment points Yes


Supplied with Hard Yes waterproof transit case


Supplied Soft Back pack Option


Alternative options/specifications available as a custom order. Contact RANGEMASTER Custom at: Email: custom@rangemasterprecisionarms.com




• Soft back pack [A]• Sling [B]• Sound moderator [C]• Foam cheek protector [D]• Mirage Band• Cleaning rod and guide• Extra magazines• Anti Reflection Device (scope)




Rangemaster 7.62 STBY G2 Accessories





Action, bolt and barrel coatings are extremely hard wearing, corrosion resistant and have a very low coefficient of friction; wear is therefore greatly reduced, with the major advantage that the rifle may be used in harsh conditions without lubrication.


• Triggers are fully adjustable and easily maintained. We feature a two stage trigger operation with a pull weight factory set at 1.5Kg. The safety is incorporated into the trigger design and locks in two places.


• An extremely fast lock time (time from trigger pull to detonation) is 1.5 milli-seconds. This further improves accuracy when shooting at long range.


• Premium quality barrel chambered to internationally recognised specification. All RANGEMASTER barrels are pre-machined to accept muzzle brakes or suppressors as standard.


• Barrels are fluted for good balance with a length and twist to suit the distance required.


• Muzzle brake greatly enhances operator comfort and target re-acquisition after firing.


• The composite stock folds for transit, enabling easy movement into and out of vehicles and aircraft. Stocks are produced to a high specification, using the latest materials to ensure strength and stability in all climatic conditions.


• Butt monopod is quickly adjustable for height and incorporates a fine adjustment wheel spike.


• Removable forend bipod which is also height adjustable.


• Forend allows ancillary component attachment and also incorporates Picatinny rails for scope and ancillary fixings


• RANGEMASTER Rangemasters can be supplied fitted with any commercially available scope, features of which could include zero stop, mil-dot illuminated reticule and mil-rad movement.




The rifle kit is supplied with instruction manuals and a rigid waterproof case for transit, along with tools and cleaning kit as standard.


A full range of support equipment is available on request.






• Safety is a major factor with RANGEMASTER weapons, the receiver and bolt is produced from a solid billet of high tensile steel, there are no internal components to work loose and cause injury to the rifle operator.


• All RANGEMASTER rifles are proof fired at an independent proofing facility, meeting UK and International safety standards.


Rangemaster 7.62 STBY G2
Rangemaster G2 STBY 7.62 Brochure
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