The DSR-1 Rifle is "The most sophisticated and technologically advanced  tactical precision rifle in the world." Designed from the ground up by DSR's  technical team, this rifle meets or exceeds all mission requirements for a  tactical precision rifle.

DSR 1 in actionThe concept and modular  design of the DSR-1 allows it to be adapted to the different requirements of  military and police snipers as well as civilian target shooters.

An advanced feature of the DSR-1 is its bullpup design. This  configuration offers several advantages, not seen in traditional rifle designs.  First, since the chamber of the barrel is located behind the trigger, the  bullpup design allows for the use of a full length 26" barrel while maintaining  a short and compact overall rifle length (39").

The bullpup design allows a straight, in-line barrel. Recoil  forces are directed along a straight line, minimizing muzzle rise.

The DSR-1 is designed around the .338 Lapua Magnum but is  also available in .308 Win. and .300 Win. Mag.  The dimensions of the action enables it to be adapted to rounds with a head  diameter up to .590 inches and a length of 3.810 inches.

The DSR-1 has a custom made heavy bench rest barrel of the  highest quality to guarantee the accuracy that the ammunition is capable of. The  bores and chambers are made with the most stringent requirements concerning  minimum dimensions and concentricity. Barrels are stress relieved.

The DSR-1 is fully adjustable to the shooter's requirements.  The rifle has an ergonomic pistol grip. The butt stock is adjustable for length  of pull and butt plate position. The height of the cheek piece is adjustable via  a quick release spring button. The adjustable for-end can also be used to rest  the rifle on a sandbag. All adjustments can be accomplished within seconds and  without tools via quick release tension levers. In addition, the positions are  calibrated for easy reference.

An extended picatinny rail for scope and accessories ( e. g.  night sight attachment) is attached above the receiver and barrel cover. The  rifle can be equipped with any scope required using the specially designed DSR  optic mount (accessories), which can be ramped to suit.

For the standard version of the DSR-1 a clip-on Tactical Silencer (Suppressor)  is available

Suppressed model available.



Sub  assemblies

The rifle consists  of the following sub assemblies:

  • receiver with bolt  and barrel (1)
  • barrel shroud with  fore-end (2)
  • grip frame (3)
  • but stock (4)
  • magazine (5)
  • bipod (6)
  • scope with scope  mount (7)
DSR 1 Sub assemblies

Scope  sight

The rifle is usually  delivered with a factory adjusted scope sight. Different scope sights and night  sight attachments are available upon request.

DSR 1 Scope