DSR-1 Subsonic

DSR 1 Subsonic



The DSR 1 Subsonic has the following features:

DSR 1 Subsonic in action
  • Design with both primary and secondary expansion chambers including special  inserts. Muzzle blast pressure waves are effectively suppressed.
  • Free floating barrel. The suppressor does not touch the barrel at all,  instead it is attached to the chassis. Resting the rifle on the suppressor does  not affect the point of impact.
  • No additional masses on barrel. Suppressor does not affect barrel vibrations  and accuracy.
  • The gas is deflected from the bullet path.  No reflection waves hit the  bullet. No stimulation of bullet oscillation.
  • Primary expansion chamber which is integrated into the space around the  barrel.
  • Secondary expansion chamber underneath the suppressor tube increases the  volume, and delays the exhaust gas.
  • One-piece (monolithic) insert in suppressor tube to simplify disassembly and  cleaning.
  • Integrated design.  Disassembly and reassembly have no influence on point of  impact.


The DSR 1 Subsonic is adjusted to use the subsonic type of ammunition in  calibre 7,62mm x 51 / .308 Win.  Barrel length is 310 mm. The 8 inch twist rate  of the barrel is especially adapted to stabilize the heavy projectiles of  subsonic ammunition.

DSR 1 Subsonic in actionThis ammunition has the same  dimensions as standard ammunition of the same calibre. The propellant charge is  reduced to keep the bullet velocity (app. 320 m/s) below the speed of sound (340  m/s). This avoids the super sonic crack of standard ammunition.  No type of  suppressor can reduce the super sonic crack of a bullet flying at super sonic  speed.