® Long Range Rifle System


The basis of the CHEYTAC

® Long Range Rifle System is the CheyTac®

INTERVENTION™ rifle and the CheyTac

® Cartridge, a proprietary cartridge


developed by the company. In testing, the system has proven to be capable of soft target


interdiction to ranges of 2500 yards. While conceived as simply a rifle – the CheyTac


INTERVENTION™ has developed into a total system package. CheyTac

® system


consists of the following sub-components:


1. C heyTac



The CheyTac

® INTERVENTION™ is a 7 shot


repeating, takedown rifle system. The barrel is


removable and replaceable by the operator. In fact,


the entire rifle is maintainable at the operator level –


including complete tear down. Spare barrels can be


maintained at the unit level and replacement can be


made in the field, allowing for special barrel design


and shorter barrels. The takedown capabilities


provides the only safe rifle which supports all methods


of infiltration; including military free-fall, static line,


small boat, dive lockout as well as all other forms of




2. . 4 08 CheyTac

® Cartridge: The Ammunition


The CheyTac

® Cartridge


was developed to fill the gap


between the 338 Lapua and


the .50 BMG, yet the


downrange characteristics


outperform the best .50


BMG projectiles. The projectiles are manufactured by Lost


River Ballistic Technologies™ and are designed using


PRODAS software. The projectiles are CNC, lathe turned,


projectiles of a copper/nickel alloy. The 419grain projectile has


a supersonic range of 2200 yards+ at standard air conditions. A


second projectile is available - the 305grain projectile is


designed for a high velocity near range application. The


average ballistic co-efficient of the 419 projectile is .945 over


3500 meters.