The Proprietary high grade steel flat bottom action that is permanently bonded and bolted to the full-length aluminium chassis is superior to the standard bedding interface between actions and stocks traditionally used.
The rigid construction coupled with a full-width machined in recoil lug totally eliminates movement and ensures that zero will be maintained in arduous conditions. The AW Sniper Rifle can be supplied in a variety of standard configurations.
With every component manufactured from corrosion resistant material or given a protective finish prior to assembly, an AW rifle will perform reliably and consistently whether used for marine operations, in the desert or the arctic.
A barrel can be replaced in minutes using the optional barrel change kit and maintenance can be completed in the field by an armourer trained to normal levels.
All major parts are interchangeable between rifles of the same calibre.
The Accuracy International AW: first choice for professional users in elite units world-wide