Top Bolt Action Sniper Rifle 's and .308 tactical rifles

Top Bolt Action Sniper Rifle 's and .308 tactical rifles


1. DSR-1
(in no particular order)
 This list has been created by 308 sniper and will continue to grow as we get the opertunity to review and test more Top Bolt Action Sniper Rifles and .308 tactical rifles. If there are rifles you think should be on here pleae email us at or send us a post on facebook.
You can also find pictures of all these rifles on our Gallery page as well as video's of some of these on our YouTube channel.

When it comes to Shooting there is more to it than just a man/ women with there rifle.


The Shooting accessory page and its pages to the left are many elements of shooting including optics, range finding, scopes, reloading of ammunition etc.


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