Rifle Scopes

In this section we hope to cover the range of top scopes available out there.


A good scope makes the greatest differnce, if you can't see your target how could you hit it let a lone with accuracy.


So which scope to pick and why?


There are many top scope manufactors out there from Hensolt, Zeiss, US Optics, Nightforce, Leupold.


Then theres size, does size matter? Well of course it does the bigger the better.


Reticles Reticles

While the traditional thin crossing lines are the original and still the most familiar cross-hair shape, they are really best suited for precision aiming at high contrast targets, as the thin lines are easily lost in complex backgrounds, such as those encountered while hunting. Thicker bars are much easier to discern against a complex background, but lack the precision of thin bars. The most popular types of
cross-hair in modern scopes are variants on the duplex cross hair, with bars that are thick on the perimeter and thin out in the middle. The thick bars allow the eye to quickly locate the center of the reticle, and the thin lines in the center allow for precision aiming. The thin bars in a duplex reticle may also be designed to be used as a measure. The other popular type is mil dots as these give you a aiming off reference point as well as allowing you to range and compensate for wind without making scope adjustments.


One big question when it comes to scopes is what reticle to choose?


Well there’s quite a few to choose from and some scope manufactures have
there own styles. You can get mil dot, red dot, fine crosshair, duplex crosshair,
German reticle, Target Dot, circle (mainly shotguns) , old rangefinding, modern
rangefinding, svd type, horus, heavy duplex, cpc, and many many more.


So what to choose?


Well there is no easy answer it really depends what you are using the scope
for and what you get on with. Most optic suppliers have examples of a few
different styles for you to try.


Firstly decide what you need the scope to do?



  • What make of scope you want?
  • What budget you have?
  • Do you need to adjust to multiple distances?
  • What’s the maximum distance your need to shoot?
  • Do you want rangefinding in the display?
  • Do you need illumination?
  • What Rifle is it going on?



So many questions, but they will help you narrow down your search.