Range finding is an important part of any shooting. As the distance to the target increases or decreases it is important to know the exact distance of the target, with this information togeather with balistics data and weather conditions we can accuratly adjust our scopes to be on target.


The best and most accurate way of ranging a target is via laser range finders.


There are many rangefinders on the market but what one is the best? Our choice of rangefinder would be the Vector 21. All the vector range offers great results, but this would be our choice.


VECTOR 21 is also a true binocular rangefinder with outstanding day optics, an integrated 3-dimensional, 360° digital compass and a precision, class 1 eye-safe laser rangefinder.  The VECTOR 21 increases the range for distance measurements up to 12 km.  It also has a 1550 nm laser is invisible to image intensification devices, providing an added level of security.

VECTOR 21 integrates seamlessly into the GonioLight System, providing unparalleled precision and accuracy for forward observers.


The safer way to observe and measure

with speed and precision

VECTOR is an easy-to-use multifunctional optronic device that

replaces four separate devices. The reduced weight and volume

translate into greater mobility, agility and operational readiness.

VECTOR is in service with 55 nations, including 17 NATO countries,

a sound basis for safe investment decisions. The successful

product family incorporates the following


essential capabilities:

• A 100 % eyesafe laser rangefinder, based on semiconductor

diode lasers in combination with a multi-pulse measurement

system. This technology provides the longest service life and

consumes the least energy.

• Two seven times (7x) magnifying eyepieces. The large exit pupils

of 6 mm diameter are extremely easy to place so that both eyes

receive as much light as possible.

• Two 42 mm objectives with extended contrast and resolution

characteristics. This wide aperture produces images that are

clear and bright - even when scene illumination is not ideal.

• A digital magnetic compass (DMC) incorporating magnetic and

gravitation sensors for inclination and bank. Full three dimensional

capabilities ensure correct readings even in inclined and

tilted positions.

• Night option: the image intensifier tube integrated in VECTOR IV

Nite or VECTOR 21 Nite creates night capabilities.


• Two-button control reduces the training and retraining effort

allowing new users to operate quickly and correctly in any


• Results are superimposed on the scene being observed. The

brightness-controlled display ensures that they are readable day

or night without being distracting.

• Digital output via RS232 port for instant, error-free data transfer.

Available accessories and options

expand the VECTOR family

into a full system

• Binocular Enhancer increases the magnification by 40 % to 10x,

with a 25 % gain in distance measurement.

• VECTOR AERO features an increased elevation range from -30°

to +90° (zenith).

• Anti-reflective caps with honeycomb-type inserts minimize the

risk of being detected.

• Communication with widely used GPS receivers (Garmin, PLGR/

DAGR) converts measured vector data into target grid coordi


• Bluetooth wireless technology eliminates cables for data

transfer between VECTOR and peripheral devices.

• Data recall redisplays the last nine measurements again.

• Fall-of-shot software computes and displays the corrections from

a missed round to the target.

• Non-magnetic monopods and tripods facilitate accurate and

steady pointing to exploit VECTOR to its full potential.

• Pouch and transit case protect the equipment from loss and




Range performance is the chief distinction between the various

models within the VECTOR family. The more sophisticated the

design, the smaller the divergence of the laser beam and the

greater the maximum measurable distance.

One 6 V battery lasts for more than

5000 measurements. The 2CR5 is a

standard type with worldwide commercial

availability for quick and easy


VECTOR Nite: Even 24 hours of

image intensified night operation will

still leave power for 2000 measurements.

+ Clear atmosphere, overcast sky or twilight

+ Good reflectivity of target object (smooth, bright wall)

+ Target surface roughly perpendicular to laser beam

+ Steady hold or support (to ensure that the laser beam will not

miss the target)

– Snow, fog, rain, dust, high humidity, heat

– Small object (does not “capture” and reflect the whole laser


– Difficult object (dark, uneven, gaping such as a leafless tree)

How far can you measure?

VECTOR benefits from Vectronix’s proprietary know-how to

measure great distances at amazingly low laser output power. How

far you can actually measure in practice depends on a number of

factors as illustrated in the diagram.*

*For range specifications please refer to the product technical data sheet.

VECTOR IV: the all-purpose infantry device

VECTOR 21: the typical forward observer device

VECTOR 21 AERO: the law enforcement device

VECTOR 23: the ultimate rangefinder

With an extended inclination range

of -30° to +90° VECTOR 21 AERO

allows measurements such as aircraft

position and height above ground,

cloud height, flight path of large

migratory birds, etc.