Optics for a sniper or long distance shooter

Optics are one of the biggest mine fields out there?
What do you choose?
There are many different options weather you go a for spotting scope, static binoculars (on a tripod), and hand held binoculars. Or all three!
I would suggest all three would be the ultimate and best set up. To get the best from any optics the best way is to work as a pair, one man shooting the other doing the spotting.Kowa Highlander Binoculars and tipod with mount

Hand held binoculars are good but will only be usefull to get an overview on the range, the reason for this is because of the vibration from being hand held and you will not get a steady picture pass 100 yards. So for this reason we use a high quality tripod to ensure we get the best results. There are many options out there but choose wisely as a good high quality tripod and mount will improve your image more then the next binoculars up the price chain.
A spotting scope is a must when shooting either on your own or in your pair, when on your own and placed down next to you it gives you a great view of the target without moving your posistion. Your get much better images via a good spotting scope than your ever get from your scope. This is due to one reason that on a spotting scope your lense size can be increase in excess of what you could ever fit on your rifle.
The ultimate kit check list
Kowa 883 spotting scope    
Ziess Binoculars