New to Shooting? Not sure where to start?


Like most people looking to get into shooting it can be difficult to know
where to start. Hopefully this page will help to provide some good starting points
and help to get you going. (Sorry to all our international viewers may this may
be only relevant to theUK)


step1:- don't go out buying lots of kit, your 1st step is to find a local
club that shoot a range of different firearms. Most clubs either shoot from
private ranges or military ranges. Do some search online and find the club that
offers the best range of calibres and has shoot dates that are good with your
days off.


Step 2:- Contact the club and enquire about joining as a probation member. Most
clubs will have club guns available for new and unlicensed members to shoot.
Ensure the club has the calibre rifles etc that you’re interested in. Be aware
however clubs work on a budget based on there membership fees so done expect
the club to have £5k top of the range rifles available.


Step 3:- Start attending shoots with your chosen club. Most clubs like to
see new members complete a minimum of 6 shoot to learn off other senior members
safe gun control and shoot techniques. After this period they will generally
carry out a few safety checks to ensure you have learnt the key starting points
and safety commands. At this point you will be given full club membership.


Step 3:- Continue to shoot with the club using the club guns until you are
sure where you would like to focus you shooting on. I.e. shotgun, rifle or
pistol and then what calibres take you interest, remember not to set your sites
too high if you apply straight off for a 50cal your most definitely get turn


Step 4 :- Now’s the time to apply for a licence, for a section 1 firearms licence
your need to fill in a fac 101 form and sent it in with your passport photo's
and references. Your need to put in your safe and any security required. See Firearms
your need to punt in place an approved gun cabinet meeting
British standard 7558 must be securely fitted to a solid brick wall. Check with
your club or on eBay for 2nd hand cabinets as this is often the cheapest way
when starting.


Step 5:- A firearms office will make contact and come to visit you at home
to discuss your application and the firearms you have applied for as well as
checking the security you have in place.


Step 6:- Hopefully now you will have been approved and your license has been
posted out to you. Next it time to build you kit, start by looking at the type
of rifle you are licensed to hold and what is available my tip would be buy
right buy once its worth taking your time and selecting the best riffle for
you. Many gun shops will always arrange a range day for you to test a rifle or
take advice from members of your club or from the web.


Step 7 :- Look at scopes and select the appropiate scope for you see my page
on scopes
Start with factory ammo get use to you gun and how it works don't jump straight
into reloading until you feel comfortable with you weapon.


Step 8:- Continue to build you kit and remember it’s your hobby stay safe
and enjoy yourself.



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