338's and 50BMG Sniper and tactical rifles

338 AND 50BMG 's are also great sniper or tactical rifles. These calibers are a must for any ranges over 1000 yards as this is really the upper limit for .308's in terms of accurate shooting.


338's and 50BMG's can be shot from 400m to 2500m usually on selected uk ranges and offer a great shooting experience. When it comes to these rifles shooting them gets expensive, therefore its important to buy the right rifles 1st time.

Just as the .308 there are many to choose from and all the rifles listed in "top bolt action sniper rifles" are also available in 338 and 50BMG's.

When it comes to these riffles all of the optics, scopes, and rangefinders listed in this site will be just as good for these rifles. The main difference is the cost of the ammo as the calibers are much bigger the cost in vasty increase. Reloading this ammo is the prefered choice for most shooters at this is the most cost effective way and also offer great accuarcy. The other option to use nato rounds which tend to be of lesser quality when it comes to accuracy.