Steelcore Design Rifles inc the Steel core 50 BMG

Below is a collection of photos of steel core rifles including the steel core 50 BMG .338 and .308 models.

Over the years 308sniper has been lucky enough to shoot these amazing rifles. For more details on these rifles goto our Steel Core Designs page.


Or visit Steelcore by clicking here and view their website.


"Home of the Steel Core Thunderbolt Tactical Rifles - Probably the most accurate rifle you can buy."

The action on these rifles is in our opinion one of the smoothest there is and chassis on these rifle makes then a great comfortable shoot. The muzzle brake design works really well to reduce recoil and keep you comfortably on the target every shot.


The directors of Steel Core have over 45 years experience working in the defence industry, designing and manufacturing precision rifles for the civilian, law enforcement and military sectors.

They have used their experience to create many new and exciting tactical rifle designs; including the steel core 50 BMG , .338 and .308 offering unrivalled accuracy, comfort, ease of operation and above all safety. Their rifles offers some unique features as well as using a proven 4-lug bolt locking system, with a unique and innovative firing pin system. Computer 3D modelling, CNC machining techniques and materials make their rifles stronger, safer and more have a more reliable action than before.