SC-76 .308 Thunderbolt

The SC-76 Thunderbolt is a .308 / 7.62 x 51 NATO sniper rifle. Designed and built by Steel Core Designs.

The SC-76 Thunderbolt is available with a short or long barrel.

The bolt is a high tensile steel 4-lug bolt with a new firing pin designed to minimize travel allowing a fast lock time.

The thuderbolt is fitted with a match grade barrel fluted for improved heat dissipation and rifle balance.

All Thunderbolts have a folding butt stock as standard. 

The Steel Core Design bipod is fully height adjustable and fits to the forend, giving optimum pivot position around the centreline of the rifle, it is also a quick release system meaning it can be removed and re- attached quickly without the use of any tools.

Steel Core Design SC-76 Thunderbolt Video