Steel Core Designs Thunderbolt SC-127 50 BMG

The Steel Core Designs SC-127 Thunderbolt is a 50 BMG Sniper rifle


Calibre                     12.7 x 99 (50 BMG)

Engagement Range   Up to 2200 metres

Accuracy                  <1/2 MOA                    <0.15 Mil Rad

Barrel lenght            30"                              76cm

Barrel Twist              1:15                            1:38. 10cm

Overall Lenght          59"                              150cm

Folded Lenght           45"                              115cm

Operational Weight    35lbs                           16.00kgs

Stock Colours            Black and Dark Earth


Have a look at this video of the SC-127 50BMG Thunderbolt

Thunderbolt 50BMG Thunderbolt 50BMG