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NcSTAR Scopes and Bags come to 308-sniper


308-sniper has teamed up with NcSTAR as a UK dealer offering top quality scopes and range bags at great prices.


All NcStar scopes comes with NcSTAR great Lifetime warranty. All NcSTAR optics are warranted and protected from defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the product. 


This top quality product offers 308sniper a line of great scopes for any rifle. Come and check out our fantastic range today! CLICK HERE! and remeber to keep checking back as we add to the range of products!


Below is a couple examples of this great range!


4X30 Compact Scope - Tan

Reticle image
P4 Sniper
Crosshair with Stadia Lines Reticle used to estimate Range of a known sized target using a simple mathematical formula. 
• Fixed 4X Magnification 30mm scope with Quick Focus Reticle Ring.
• P4 Sniper Non-Illuminated Reticle
• Sleek One Piece Main Tube for durability and strength.
• Multi-coated Lens
• Tough Tan Powdered coated finish.
• Includes Lens Covers
• Scope Rings not included.

Evolution Series


Evolution Series 6-24x50

Evolution Series 6-24x50

• High Resolution Glass for Excellent Performance in a variety of
field conditions.
• Fully Multi Coated Optics for Optimum Clarity.
• Glass Etched Reticle with Blue and Green illumination.
• Waterproof, Shockproof, Fogproof – capable of withstanding the
harshest surroundings.
• Hard Anodized Aircraft Grade Aluminum Body.
• Available magnifications: 1.1-4x24, 2.5-10x50, 4-16x50,
and 6-24x50.
• Available reticles: Mil-Dot, Cross-Dot, or P4 Sniper.
• Nitrogen Purged and O-Ring Sealed.
• Backed by our VISM Lifetime Limited Warranty.
• Locking Adjustable Parallax Knob
• Lockable Target Turrets
• 45° Offset Rheostat
• Powered by 3 Volt Lithium Batteries (CR2032) included
• Includes Extra Battery, See-Through Bikini Lens Covers.
Scope Ringsnot included.
• Black Anodized Aluminum Body
• Waterproof, Shockproof, Fogproof – capable of withstanding the
harshest surroundings.

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SC-127 Thunderbolt SC-127 Thunderbolt

Posted on the 20/10/2013


SC-127 Thunderbolt 


The SC-127 Thunderbolt completes the collection of currect steel core rifles with this great performing 50Cal bolt action Rifle.


The SC-127 is steelcore's flag ship long range rifle, delivering extraordinary long range accuracy for such a large calibre weapon, features a high tensile steel action with a 30mm diameter bolt, we use the latest low friction, wear resistant VDP coatings, making these weapons ideally suited for the harsh gritty conditions experienced in the deserts; performing equally well in extreme hot and cold conditions. As a consequence the need for lubrication is greatly reduced and can be used dry when necessary.

SC-127 Thunderbolt
SC-127 Thunderbolt Brochure
12649 SCD Thunderbolt SC127 Leaflet.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [744.7 KB]

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Frixo Frixo

Posted on the 15/10/2013




Driving somewhere in the UK? 


Then check out Frixo there site is a road travel reporting website, that provides there users with the most up-to-date road traffic information. There data is updated every 5 minuites using sensors placed on motorways and common A/ B roads.

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308-sniper 308-sniper

Posted on the 06/10/2013


308sniper's online shop is fully up and running offering all shooting related clothing and accessories. 

We have now a range of 

  • T- Shirts 
  • Hoodies
  • Trousers 
  • Survival Gear
  • Cadet Equipment and supplies
  • Camping and Hiking Gear

and much more Visit our online store today see www.308-sniper.co.uk and keep checking back for new items being added 


And just to make things easier all items carry just £2.00 postage in the UK only and this is combined on multiple purchases 

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DSEI 2013 DSEI 2013

Posted on the 26/08/2013


DSEI 2013 The World Leading Defence & Security Event


308sniper will be attending this year for the 1st time


DSEI is the world’s largest fully integrated defence and security exhibition that brings together the entire industry to source the latest equipment and systems, develop international relationships, and generate new business opportunities.

Based in ExCeL, London every two years, the event provides unrivalled access to key markets across the globe.

Combining a high quality of exhibitors across the supply chain, networking opportunities and the ability to see new technologies first hand on the show floor, DSEI provides an inspirational experience to nearly 30,000 visitors.

As the must-attend event of 2013 with more exhibitors and educational content than ever before, DSEI will give you access to:

              bullet     1,400 international exhibitors  an unrivalled range of suppliers from more than 50 countries
              bullet     Specialised AirNavalLandSecurity, UnmannedMedical & Disaster Relief Zones
              bullet     6 new dedicated seminar theatres offering free educational sessions and showcases
              bullet     40 international pavilions – including Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, India, South Korea, Switzerland, UAE, UK, USA.
              bullet     Expanded live Waterborne and Unmanned Systems Demonstrations
              bullet     Static vehicle displays for land, air and naval sectors - our biggest offering yet
              bullet     MORE visiting naval ships available to tour
              bullet     Unmanned focus - UAS Conference and Unmanned Systems Showcase
              bullet     Unbeatable networking - the entire defence and security supply chain in one place
              bullet     Pavilions hosted by the AOC, the Navy League, National Electronics Week, and a dedicated Cyber Pavilion 

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Isle of Wight Military Vehicle Museum Isle of Wight Military Vehicle Museum

Posted on the 26/08/2013


Isle of Wight Military Vehicle Museum 


Last week we paid a visit to the Isle of Wight Military Vehicle Musuem, and was impressed with the amount of displays and actions being take by the museum.

If your planning a holiday in the Uk, the Isle of Wight is a great place to visit and with places like this to visit make the stay even more enjoyable.

What is impressive with the Military Vehicle Musuem is the number of tanks and military vehicles on display as well as the engines, gearbox's, and other components on individual displays.

The musuem also have an active restoration program which unlike many places is on full view so you can watch it happening.

In our time there we had the opitunity to not just view all this but to get in and expereince some of the tanks with the friendly and helpful team at the museum explaining how the tanks worked and there roles on the battlefield.

All this togeather with a well stocked gift shop and coffee bar makes the museum a great place for all the family, the kids get the chance to get involved with a quiz as they go round encouraging them to look out for details on the vehicles.


Or see all our pictures from our visit on our Gallery page  


Military Museum
490 Newport Road, Cowes, PO31 8QU

Tel: 01983 527411

Unfortunately the Military Musuem has now been closed 

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War and Peace 2013 War and Peace 2013

Posted on the 21/07/2013


War and Peace Revival 2013


Yesterday we paid a visit to the 2013 War and Peace Revival. If your into anything military or are looking for a day out for the family its a must for 2014.

Whilst we where there we took a couple of pics and have created a special gallery page for them, just click on the link. 



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posted 18/07/2013



We have been emailed about the link below and informed the telegraph vote detail on the 03/07/2013 post does not actually count and you need to vote via the HM Government web link below



Telegraph new law competition Telegraph new law competition

Posted on the 03/07/2013


Telegraph new law competition: vote now

The entries are all in. Now it is your turn to vote for the proposal you
would like to see as a private member's bill.

on the week before the 24th may, as Westminster discussed Private Members Bills, we asked you to provide MPs with some inspiration. Under Commons rules, any MP can introduce a bill, but only a few are ever debated. The ballot to decide which members get time for such debates was held on Thursday. James Wharton, the MP for Stockton South, came top of the ballot. The readers of telegraph.co.uk/politics did not disappoint, and provided us with a raft of ideas. These are the six that caught our eye. Now, it is over to you - vote below for the Bill you'd like to see debated in the Commons. The winner will be sent a bottle of House of Commons claret and a box of Commons chocolates.

Repeal the ban on hand guns and re-open shooting clubs,
proposed by Colliemum. They write: "After all, why should only
criminals be 'allowed' to possess guns and shoot unarmed, defenceless citizens
and police officers?"


Get your vote in now at http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/10071072/Telegraph-new-law-competition-vote-now.html


so far see below


Total Votes: 26,229

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308sniper at IWA 2013 308sniper at IWA 2013

308sniper is booked and packed for IWA 2013 the national product show for the retail gun trade and gunsmiths opened its doors in Nuremberg for the first time in 1973 with just under 100 exhibitors. The international name IWA & OutdoorClassics is due to the rapidly increased importance beyond the borders of Germany and the multi-theme range of products, which covers the spectrum between traditional craftsmanship and innovative ideas for outdoor equipment, functional clothing, hunting sports and shooting sports. In the 40th year of its existence, IWA & OutdoorClassics 2013 presents a more attractive, more colourful and more comprehensive event that is a must for trade and industry


Over the last 40 years IWA & OutdoorClassics has developed into the most important international product show for hunting guns, shooting sports, outdoor equipment and equipment for official agencies, especially for law enforcement and personal security. Almost two-thirds of the 36,000 trade visitors in 2012 came to Nuremberg from countries outside Germany and more than 75% of the altogether 1,200 exhibitors too. IWA & OutdoorClassics offers an unparalleled international spectrum of products.


  • 94% of the exhibitors reached their most important target groups
  • 91% of the exhibitors made new business connections
  • 89%expected noticeable follow-up business
  • 61% of the visitors came from countries all over Europe, mainly from the Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, France and Russia

So stay tune and we'll bring you all the latest news direct from the show with pictures and reviews of the latest products on the market!


Also see our IWA2013 page 

Exhibitor list IWA 2013
Exhibitor list IWA 2013
Adobe Acrobat document [728.0 KB]

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Rangemaster Precision Arms 24/01/2013




Today 308sniper was given the unique privilege of a guided
tour around the Rangemaster Precision Arms factory.

We must start by thanking the team at Rangemaster Precision
Arms for sparing the time in their busy schedule especially now as they are on
final stages of launching a new exciting product.

We where given the special invitation to Rangemaster
Precision Arms to discuss the Rangemaster G2 subsonic which is currently away
in an undisclosed location for military testing. We have also been given the
unique opportunity to return in the coming days to do a one off photo shoot of
this unbelievably crafted G2 tactical rifle on its return.

Whilst there we managed to poke our heads into the
draftsman’s office and catch a glimpse of the new and latest tactical rifle to
come from Rangemaster Precision Arms. We had the chance to try the action and
found the action to surpass expectations and quality of other rifles currently
available. This is all we can say for now until this fantastic tactical rifle
is launched at IWA Nuremberg 2013.

Rangemaster Precision Arms has also stated the rifle will be
available for viewing on a MOD range for civilian shooters to come and have a
go and get a feel for this high quality tactical rifle. 308sniper hopes to bring
you full photos at a later date.


It’s clear to see Rangemaster Precision Arms have the
perfect factory setup to deliver high quality products as seen in the new
tactical rifle. We could see from the production every detail has been covered,
we can also see the quality in the finished product.

The new rifle is the perfect tactical rifle and continues on
with the same precision as previous Rangemaster rifles.


Overall we would rate Rangemaster Precision Arms 10/10



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Kestrel 4500NV


25/11/2012 Review of the Kestrel 4500NV Pocket Weather
Tracker with HORUS Atrag ballistics software.


We have been previously using the normal Kestrel 4500NV and
found it to be great to get the weather data to upload into a separate ballistics
Computer. But that was always the issue what we tend to do is get to the range
and collect the weather data to upload to the ballistics computer. By the
afternoon conditions may have changed and we need to update the separate computer.


However now with the Kestrel 4500NV Pocket Weather Tracker
with HORUS Atrag ballistics software this has all changed as the weather is
live and the data can be transferred by Bluetooth straight to a laptop or


The Atrag ballistics software has an extensive library of
weapons and rounds and can be fully customisable so suit you. Yes it takes a
while to set up at first but once you have all you rifles etc loaded in and all
your loads ready your set to go. One of the great features of this is the
target screen you can customize up to five targets for location, distance,
direction, declination and wind; this is great for multiple target ranges or in
the field. This together with the feature like direction of fire, target speed
estimator, inclination angle and being able to display Range cards makes a
great package. We have found to get the most from this unit you need to set it
up on the tripod with the wind vein and Bluetooth all the data to a laptop,
however it still works great as a hand held device. Yes it’s a little on the
expensive side but it is 2 units in one and has Bluetooth that works up to 30ft


Measurements: Heading (true and magnetic), Wind Direction, Crosswind,
Headwind/Tailwind, Altitude, Pressure Trend, Barometric Pressure, Relative
Humidity, Heat Stress Index, Dewpoint, Wet Bulb Temperature, Density Altitude,
Wind Chill, Air, Snow and Water Temperatures, Current and Average Wind Speeds
and Maximum Wind Gust, Customizable 2900 Data Point Storage, Data Upload (with
optional interface). Unit is supplied with 2 AAA batteries, a soft carry pouch,
impeller cover, instructions and a Certificate of Conformity.

Note: This unit has a night-vision preserving backlight which helps users to
sustain natural night vision. The NV's backlight incorporates an optical filter
to reduce overall brightness and minimize blue and green spectrum light to
preserve night vision. Additionally, NV backlights are also much dimmer than a
standard backlight, making it more difficult to detect with the naked eye in
night operations. This backlight appears soft greyish pink, not red, and is
still in the visible spectrum, so is not compatible with night-vision equipment.

It takes 30 to 45 minutes for the average eye to adapt to darkness and
maximize night vision. Even a short burst of white, yellow, green or blue light
“bleaches out” the rod cell photoreceptors in the eye and causes night blindness
until the entire adaptation process can take place again. Light in the red
spectrum does not cause this “bleaching out”, preventing night blindness and
night vision fatigue.



Overall we would rate
this 9/10 only because of cost and initial set up time.

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Brass Catcher

04/11/2012 Review of the E&L Brass Catcher


When reloading its important to collect all your Brass up and not to get it
mixed up the easy answer is a brass catcher. It’s always been difficult to find
a Brass Catcher for a .308 rifle, but now E&L manufacturing have created

The Brass Catcher also saves filling all your pockets up with used brass
when leaving the firing point as it’s all collected for you.

We have ordered and used a few of these now and the support we have received
has been top notch, Val at E&L always has the time to talk through your


Overall we would rate the E&L Brass Catcher 9/10 based on the quality of the product and the support they give.


You can find them at



The details they list on the .308 are





It will also fit receivers that have a

High Riser, or High Rise Picatinny Rail. You can easily custom fit this catcher

so the installation will not obstruct, or interfere with other items that may

also be attached to the rail. We also offer additional mounting rod kits (sold

separately) that will let you use one catcher on another firearm, or one

catcher on several different firearms.

The New Universal Brass

Catcher is made from strong, light weight, black textured plastic.

The Universal Flat-Top Catchers
are in stock and ready

for sale at $49.95 plus shipping.

.223 Order# 144 or .308 Order# 144A

Additional Mounting Rod Sets
$22.95 plus shipping.

Order# 144B



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Stainless media tumbler


07/10/2012 review of the Stainless media tumbler


The worst part of shooting has got to be all the cleaning. It’s extremely
important to have clean brass when reloading.

Most of us use a vibrating tumbler with acorn media which works ok but you
end up with dusty brass that sometimes has bits of media in it, you then try
all different ways of finishing the clean off. So some of us have tried
ultrasonic cleaners which again works fine after being in the tumbler 1st or
left in for a long time with a couple of water changes.

So what’s the answer? Well it looks like the answer is here the stainless
media tumbler has got to be the best investment any re-loader can make. It’s so simple and gives a perfect result every time.



Simply put your de-primed brass in with water cleaner and the media and
leave for about 4hrs. After this drain and rinse and leave to dry so simple and
so perfect.

The only down side is as it comes from the states and is a bit on the heavy
side the postage is half the cost of the item.

I found the best place to purchase this is http://www.stainlesstumblingmedia.com


Overall we would rate this 9/10 Very good piece of kit, does use a lot of
water so a sink near by required.


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Hornady Bullet Straightening Tool


16/09/2012 review of the Hornady bullet straightening tool


When it comes to precision shooting most of the work comes
from the good prep of your rounds.

One area which we have found can make a big difference and
improve your grouping is after assembly and straightening the bullet head in
the case.

This can serve two purposes because it not only allows all
the bullets to be straightened in the cases but you can adjust the seating of
the bullets to suit the rifle. What we found on tests is that on some bullets
with some rifles if the bullet is not seated far enough then once chambered the
bullet is pushes back out of position.

So what we concluded was to seat a bullet in the case and
straighten it, then chamber the round and eject it if the bullet is no longer
straight then further seating will be required. The adjustment of seating was
minor but the result we got where far better as the bullets where staying straight
every time.


We have been using the Hornady tool along side other tools
to compare the speed and ease of use. What we found is that most straightening
tools are the longest part of the operation but some tools make it easier than
others. The Hornady can take a bit of getting use to get quick at loading your
rounds in, and with all straightening tools practise is required to get use to
how to straighten the bullets up.


Overall we would rate the Hornady bullet straightening tool
7/10 a very nice tool but a little difficult to load quickly.

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Vector Rangefinder Binoculars


09/09/2012 review of the Vector Rangefinder Binoculars


When it comes to shooting at different ranges its important to know the
exact distance to the target. Without correct ranging you will be unable to set
your ballistic's correctly and therefore your scope.

We have been using the Vector's for some years now and on testing we have
found these are the most accurate and clearest range finding binoculars on the
market. Especially important when shooting over 500 yards as this is where
other rangefinder fall down and the Vectors come into there own. We have
already posted information on Vector on our Range Finding page.

The main advantage of the Vector's is the simplicity of them just point aim
and press the button and range to target pops up. The Vectors also calculates
range from elevated positions.


Overall we would rate the Vectors 8/10 and the only reason for not getting 10/10 is the cost but quality does come at a price


below is attached a copy of the pdf Brochure


Vector Brochure
Download the full brochure on the Vector Rangefinder Binoculars
Adobe Acrobat document [4.8 MB]

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01/09/2012 review of ballistics software from Strelok



I have been using this software for a while now and it keeps getting better. If you’re looking for quality ballistics software for shooting multiple ranges then look no further. This is one of the first ballistic calculators that has a reticle display that works so you can really use the mil dots in the scope to aim off at different ranges.


Strelok is available on iphone and android. Personally I have been using the iphone/ ipad version, I started with the base version and was so impressed I quickly upgrade to the Strelok + version. I now use both versions as I like to have the table and the reticle views.


There is a great list of scopes on the software and more seem to be added all the time, yes there are some missing but I have found you can find one the same in other scopes .


Above and below are some screen shots of what is available from the software.


Yes there are down sides to the software like the screen view is only available is portrait not landscape but that said you can email the screens out and print them in landscape. Not all scopes are available but as I said before you can usually find one the same or similar.


For more information click here to visit the Strelok website




Overall we would rate Strelok 9/10