812GUNS Welcome to 812GUNS. We are a Small Business located in Southern Indiana.
In case you are not from this area that is where the 812 comes from. 812 is the
area code for Southern Indiana. We are specializing in Firearms, Gun Accessories
and Tactical Supplies. We are adding suppliers daily to bring you the very best
options and best selection. My name is Chris Imel and I started 812GUNS in May
2012. If you dont see what you are looking for on our site yet......let me know
and I will get it. Over the next few weeks I will be adding lots of products. I
want to add the products you would like to see. If you want a brand or type of
product please go to the "contact us" page and send me a message. Stay up to
date with new items and promotions going on by signing up for our news letter
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on our Facebook page. I wouldnt want you to miss out. www.facebook.com/812guns



Armed in Stilettos for Fun t-shirts and shooting gear for the female firearm lovers!













Zombie defense armory deal in parts, accessories, and AR-15 uppers. We are primarily an AR-15 based shop and deal in custom order and built to order uppers. We currently only ship within the US.





762Tactical started in 2002, out of demand for high quality, functional, and cost effective gear for the most popular weapon systems. We started making gear for people/soldiers that needed pouches and chest rigs for weapons other than the M16/M4 Carbine. Today, we make full range of extremely high quality gear for the most popular weapons systems in the world; including the AK47, the venerable M1 Garand, and of course the M16/M4 Carbine.

We have provided gear to everyone from the most elite Special Forces soldier to your average guy (and a fair amount of you ladies). Our gear has proven itself in the


harshest conditions of Iraq and Afghanistan. We use the highest quality materials, meeting or exceeding MilSpec standards. Our gear is built to last.

All 762Tactical products are hand made in the USA, at our production facility in Redding, California. We are not a design company that sends our products out to cut and sew shops. There are no middle men. You buy direct from us. That is how we can bring you the best quality product, for the absolute best price.

As American gun lovers, we know that you have the widest selection of weapons to choose from.


We want you to have the best gear possible for your favorite weapon. If you can’t find gear on our website for your rifle, contact us. We have made gear for just about everything. If we haven’t, we can custom build you what you need!


Owner, designer, and the guy who sews your gear,


Colin Baird
Founder, 762Tactical


visit http://762tactical.com/



"Cogito, ergo armatum sum"- I think therefore I am armed is the core belief of Swanson Armory, LLC. 

My interest in guns and shooting sports started over thirty years ago when I was five years old and went  hunting with my father and grandfather.  Hunting has been a long family tradition of ours and growing up with firearms was a part of everyday life.  It was instilled to me at an early age to be well informed on the type of weapon I was shooting and that with proper maintenance, it could not only last a lifetime but lifetimes.
My background is eleven years in law enforcement, 10 years serving as a SWAT team sniper and patrol supervisor.  During that time, I attended numerous tactical and training classes.  I am a DuraCoat Certified finisher, a Glock Armorer and have been using a wide array of firearms for the last 30 years of my life.  I have seen firsthand the type of abuse firearms take whether using them for hunting or when lives are on the line.  I wouldn't trust my guns performance to anything less than the best - and you shouldn't either. 
- Ever wish you could stop your firearm from rusting and reduce maintenance costs? DuraCoat, when applied properly, prevents rust.
- Ever wish your firearm was easier to clean?  The self lubricating property of DuraCoat finishes nearly eliminates the need for messy gun oils that collect dirt and grime. 
- Ever wish manufacturers offered a wider variety of color choices for your firearms?  DuraCoat comes in over 200 color selections and numerous camouflage patterns.
Firearms are an investment and we want to ensure that your investment is protected.  Regular maintenance and cleaning is the minimum that should be done on firemarms but if you want to fully protect it, then you should consider DuraCoat.
It is the goal of Swanson Armory to provide top quality care for your firearms.  We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.
We are located in Jacksonville, Florida and can be reached through the Contact Us page on our website.


http://www.facebook.com/SwansonArmoryLLC Give them a visit and a LIKE





We carry a selection of rifles, pistols, and Shotguns.We  have in stock a selection of ammunition ranging from target to defense. We have  a selection of cleaning gear and accessories for firearms. If we don't have it, we are able to order it. We also stock reloading supplies such as powder and primers. The Armory has a  selection of hunting supplies for deer, hog, and turkey. We carry Taste of the Wild Dog and Cat food.

The Armory  has an assorted selection of fishing supplies available.

We can fill portable propane tanks

Old world quality and craftsmanship combines with modern machinery to provide you with the highest quality product available. Made by skilled machinists/artisans who have pride in their work. For the customer who demands the best. 100% U.S.A.
To provide the shooting enthusiast with the best products available.
If you want them, we will make them, If they are not yet made.
To promote products made in the U.S.A.
Company Overview
Everything that has the tacticool22 name on it including the mold for the mag restrictors was designed and machined by me. I own the molding machine, so I ran that too. Other items are manufactured by certified vendors in the United States.
If a product is imported we will state that very clearly.

Tacticool22 manufactures aftermarket parts, tools, and accessories for .22 caliber firearms, including the Ruger 10/22, Smith & Wesson M&P15-22, and Colt M4 22.

All of our parts are designed and manufactured in the USA.



Tactical 16


AMERICAN MADE TO HONOR AMERICAN HEROES!!!                                   www.tactical16.com


" Our mission is to honor the sacrifices of Soldiers, Police, Fire and EMT Services  by working with Veteran-focused non-profit organizations and Veteran friendly companies to help bring attention to their causes, as well as donating a portion of the proceeds from the sales of books, logoed apparel, and other U.S.-made products"


www.offhandgear.com - We are Giving the Women (& now Men) Gun Enthusiast Apparel with a Twist! It's a bit Edgy, Sexy and 100% Made in the USA! Guns are serious, but it doesn't mean we can't have fun too! We are now also giving the Men some Edgy Made in the USA product too!

We distribute our product both Retail and Wholesale. Check out the "Find a Dealer" page on our website www.offhandgear.com to see if we are in a gun shop or range near you! Of course you can always head over to the website to purchase too!

Molon Labe Challenge Coins


Similar to the Challenge Coins that are used widely by various Military Units these MLCC Coins are ideal for anyone that champions the Right to Keep and Bear Arms by highlighting the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution and the Greek phrase 'ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ' which translates roughly to 'Come and Take Them'.

These MLCC Coins are $15 each (plus shipping) and they look exactly like what's pictured but even that doesn't do them justice.



Xpert Tactical is a UK based Importer, Distributor and Retailer of Elite Tactical Equipment.

We specialise in procurement and can fulfil bespoke and unique requirements, whatever your specialist need.
We endeavour to provide a high level of professional service to our clients utilising our extensive experience and knowledge in this field. Our clients include Military, Police and PSD Tactical teams.


To Identify, source and supply the best tactical gear/equipment for the specialist operator on the front line!




Welcome to X Tactical, where you will find quality gear at great prices, as well as a real live person to answer your call. We are a small business owned and run by a Army Infantry Veteran, and a gun loving friend of his. We're not here to bullshit you, or lead you on a wild goose chase trying to sell you crap you don't need, or won't use. We're here to ensure that you, our customer, are taken care of. If you are Military or Law Enforcement and you need something that's hard to find, let us know, we'll work our asses off to find that item you need so you can "Charlie Mike". If you attempt to contact us and we don't answer, we will call back asap, we may be dealing with other customers, or out throwing rounds down range, either way, we will respond within 24hrs. If we don't have an item or gear your looking for on the website yet, we may very well carry it and just haven't gotten it up there yet, our admin gal is working her ass off to get everything squared away. So, "welcome to the tactical toy store" please browse and shop freely, and comment at will!
4257 Barger Dr. Suite 263
Eugene, OR US




Welcome to a new way to shop for guns, shooting supplies, ammunition, shooting accessories and reloading equipment from ASG Global.  Welcome to WhidbeyArms.com.  We have been in business in Freeland, WA since 2002 with a focus on the Personal and Small Business Security Industry.  Please bear with us during the growth phase of this website - more material is being added daily.   Our business and this website is a labor of love.


My name is Jim Childers and I am the CEO of ASG.  My wife Tarisa and our staff have been happy to serve you for over TEN years providing you unique Products and solutions. 

Here are our promises to you:

  • We are available Monday - Friday 9AM - 5PM Pacific Coast Time through our foll free number 1-855-230-1911 or through Skype (james_childers)
  • We will answer the phone personally and  never make you "Press One for English" or "Select 1 for Sales, 2 for Support, 3 for Shipping, etc) nor will we ship you off to Mumbai India, Manilla, or Shenzhen China for "support from Bob or Mary".  I personally find that extremely frustrating and I know you do too.  We believe in customer service and will answer the telephone promptly and courteously.
  • We SERVICE and SUPPORT what we sell, and we actually USE the products we sell.  Unlike most Internet "resellers" who simply sell you a box and then shuffle you off to the manufacturer for support.  We offer telephone, Skype, email, forum and GoToSupport Live support for your products.  If you purchased your products from us we will support you free of charge.  If you purchased elsewhere we will still support the products, but for a nominal fee to cover our expenses.
  • We will offer you a competitive price on all of our products and services.  Most of our products are sold well BELOW Manufacturers Suggested Retail and BELOW Minimum Advertised Pricing guidelines.  To see these low prices you may have to create an account.  (This is a requirement placed upon us by some manufacturers).
  • We will ship your order ON TIME as promised and provide you with communication by email if there is any hiccup in your order or fulfillment process.
  • If by chance you happen to get one of our voice mails - we promise to return your call within ONE business hour of receiving the message.
  • We promise to make shopping and dealing with us a pleasant and rewarding experience.  If you have a specific need which we do not currently address, simply drop us a line at 1-855-230-1911 or send us an email.
  • We promise to take your order, your product and service needs, our sport and the safety of our products very seriously, however we don't promise to do the same with our slightly irreverent and sometimes irrelevant take on life.  CAUTION - Postings on this site may cause repeated laughter, sputtering of hot coffee, or even convulsions and spewing of half screamed sentences (if you just don't happen to agree with our slightly skewed view of the world).  Laugh every day and don't take yourself too seriously.  It keeps you young.

You have enough to worry about, which is why we strive every day to be the best supplier of quality personal security and shooting sports products.  You have my word on that. 


James Childers
ASG Global, Inc.




J2S Tactical Supply is your one stop shop for all of your tactical needs.  From clothing to accessories and technical gear.  If we don't have it we can find it for you!
J2S Tactical, LLC is here to serve the tactical community with great deals on the best gear. We donate 5% of all profits to Our Military Kids, a very worthy charity that is there to help take care of the children of our deployed troops. You can learn more about this great charity at www.ourmilitarykids.org
J2S Tactical offers products from hundreds of companies, including Rothco, Condor Outdoors, RangerUP, MilSpecMonkey, Tactical Research, Benchmade, Blackhawk!, ENO, EOTech, Hazard4, Fenix, Propper, Hatch, WileyX, Viking Tactics, Tru Spec, and many others.

J2S Tactical, LLC is a Disabled Veteran Owned Company.




We are a veteran owned and operated business. Molon Labe Industries manufactures polymer magazines and accessories for the FN SCAR rifle platform.  Our first product is the SCARmag.  The SCARmag was designed to operate in the SCAR 17, SCAR 17s, SCAR H, MK17, rifle systems.  The SCARmag is an improvement over the factory FN SCAR magazine. The SCARmag has a zero tilt, low friction follower system. So unlike the factory FN Herstal SCAR 17 magazine it does not bind. The magazine spring is made from the highest quality stainless steel spring stock. The SCARmag is made of a proprietary polymer that is virually indestructible and can withstand exposure to extreme tempratures and conditions. 

We invite you to browse through our store and shop with confidence. We invite you to create an account with us if you like, or shop as a guest. Either way, your shopping cart will be active until you leave the store.

J & J Firearms is a Type 01 FFL with a Class 3 SOT (NFA Items) focusing mainly on transfers and special orders of firearms.  We also hold a Type 06 FFL for the manufacture and sale of firearms ammunition.

If you are interested in transferring a firearm or finding a good deal on a specific model of firearm please feel free to contact us through one of the methods listed here.

Local handgun purchases are restricted to Arkansas residents only. 

Local long gun purchases are restricted to customers from Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee.

We will gladly special order a firearm for you.  If you are from out of state, we will ship your firearm to your transfer dealer for a minimal fee.  Out of state ammunition purchases will be shipped to your door.

Please be sure to check with local authorities before ordering.  We will not be held responsible for purchases made that conflict with state and/or local law in your area.

This website is owned and operated by Jason Pruett.  Any questions and/or comments should be directed to the owner via one of the methods listed here. http://shop.jandjguns.com

Sales - New/Used firearms - accessories - ammunition
Service - Gunsmithing available
Training - NRA, Concealed Carry, Women's unarmed self-defense - Travel security



Mon - Tues 4:30pm - 8:30pm
Wed Closed/By appointment
Th - Fri 4:30pm - 8:30pm
Sat 10:00am - 6:00pm
Sun 12:00pm - 6:00pm

Modern Musket is a brand with a message. We offer products to increase visibility, spread the message, and to allow people to make a statement for what they believe in. A portion of the revenue generated through the sale of these items is donated to organizations that fight for Second Amendment rights. Look below to find links to three of the most prominent pro-Second Amendment organizations in the United States.

If you have only a few minutes, feel free to read over this home page and the “Mission.” If you have a little more time, please check out the “Article.” The article and the "Glossary of Terms" are designed to be educational and are full of information. And if you want to purchase Modern Musket products just simply click on the “Online Store” tab.



We are a veteran-owned business with a combined total of over 20 years of medical training and work in both the military and civilian healthcare fields, Pre-hospital care, flight medicine and intra-hospital work with concentration in emergency and critical care medicine as well as competitive shooting.


A medical kit shouldn't be complicated.
A medical kit should have everything you need and nothing you don't.
A life-threatening injury is complicated enough so when it's time to pull out your medical kit, you need,
"Simplicity Under Stress".


We can't supply full kits to the UK yet....working on it. But...the pouches and other swag are good to go.

Welcome to Rogue Tactical Concealment. We are a small veteran owned company based out of Douglasville, GA. We specialize in quality custom  kydex holsters and tactical gear for military, law enforcement, and civilian personnel. Our focus is to provide smart and reliable solutions for our customer's equipment needs  so when faced with  the hard rigors of combat and training they can  devote their complete attention to their tasks at hand. By using only  rivets on our holsters we are ensuring just that; we have learned the hard way that screws will always come loose, especially when you're depending on your gear the most. Our craftsmanship affords us and you with the peace of mind that your gear will not fail. Because we are a small company, you do not have to wait months for your custom made kydex holsters and gear. We offer great work at outstanding prices and a personalized experience and are typically able to ship our kydex holsters within a week after the order is placed.  If you do not see what you are looking for in our shop, use our contact form to request a quote on a custom order. Feel free to drop us a line here at Rogue Tactical Concealment for anything, we'd love to hear from you.  Your business is greatly appreciated here. Thanks for looking!




Darc Ops Armory has been selling premium firearms and optics online since January 2007 on various websites, Gunbroker, Auctionarms, Gunsamerica, ect. Thanks to a great word of mouth and lots of loyal customers we have thrived and have moved into a new facility with a bigger staff and we look forward to providing even better service, and even bigger inventory and a greatly expanding line of products and services.


45 Florida Firearms  providing sales of firearms and accessories to you. I am  new business starting off small. I am not carrying a large inventory at this time but I can get most anything. Please feel free to email me with make and model you are interested in and I will return you a price and availability.

At this time there is a high demand for firearms and ammo and all my distributors are mass emailing with long order times and back orders. If all else fails give me a call or email and i will see what i can get and how soon.

Thank you for your support,

Jay Floyd