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Shooting UK was launched in July 2007 and uses the resources of Britain's best selling country sports magazines:

Sporting Gun
Shooting Gazette
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Shooting UK is a hub for the whole shooting community, so why not get involved and comment on one of our articles, keep up to date with our blogs or join the discussion on our forums?

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Tactical News Magazine


Tactical News Magazine - International Edition is the first and only international magazine written in English, dedicated to the world of tactics and operations covering extensively the role of the man on the ground, his powers, his tools and his psychophysical condition.


Edited by A&G Publishing GmbH, TNM - International Edition offers the reader an unprecedented opportunity to gather information through the following: reviews and field testing of equipment; weapons and accessories; technical sections on armed and unarmed combat; columns on tactical/operational procedures in security plus military environments; a section solely dedicated to the Special Forces; case studies and real-life stories of workers and former workers; exclusive reports from the hottest conflict areas of the globe; sections on Criminology and Forensic Science; articles on the legalitiessurrounding operational procedures; geopolitical analysis; an historical section examining the continual evolution of special operations and tactics and much more.

    Administrator is a web community that is open to public for rifle enthusiasts who compete or shoot for fun.

Blackstone Gun Safety was founded to help people learn about firearms, increase their proficiency and/or obtain their concealed carry permit.  We are strong supporters of the Second Amendment and believe that an armed society is a polite society.

Firearm safety is our number one priority and the basis of that is knowledge.  Our classes cover the basics of handguns, cleaning, ammunition, handling and the safety rules as well as the when and where’s of concealed carry.

We teach one handgun safety class that meets the state requirements for Oregon, Utah and Arizona.  We teach our classes in Beaverton, Milwaukie, Portland, Salem and Eugene. We have a class in Vancouver designed specifically for the Washington resident. The student pays only for the class they want or need, for example only Utah and/or Arizona.  We offer a photo and fingerprinting service for the Utah Concealed Firearm Permit for a small additional charge.  When a student completes our class, they have everything they need to mail to the various states except the check for the permit fee.

We also have a live fire shooting class in Forest Grove designed for beginners or anyone who wants a refresher course.  We try and offered these classes monthly. They do fill up fast because of the limited size.  We always announce them in our newsletter and on our facebook page – Sign up for our newsletter to keep up with what we are doing.

Please read about the classes and the state requirements and choose the ones that work best for you.  We are happy to answer any questions you may have, so feel free to contact us.



Nikki Raye is a freelance model.  She's a gear geek, shooter, & fangirl!  Nikki Raye is available for photo shoots, promotional work, and charity events.  You can contact her directly at (serious inquiries only please)
Welcome To One Bodyguard Services International

Close Protection Services

Our Bodyguards are available upon request anywhere in the UK or the world, for specific events, circumstances & time periods, covering any or all of the whole range of Close Protection Officer duties,




Event Security
Executive Protection
VIP Protection
Asset Protection
Personal Bodyguards
Security Drivers
Personal Medical Officers
Escort Team (several Bodyguards)
Residential Security Teams, providing security for permanent residences, offices, venues & also temporary locations for holidays, high profile events, product launches
Fully integrated VIP Protection Team, comprising of driver(s), bodyguard(s), residential security officer(s).
We are here to help you whether you have general security or safety concerns or indeed if you are faced with a specific threat from a known source.

Our job is to reduce those risks, both specific and non specific with planning and awareness; avoiding rather than dealing, but knowing what to do if things do go wrong, however small, however complicated or intimidating. is a place for anyone from new shooters, to those curious about guns, to get help on anything from gun disassembly, cleaning, holding and aiming to proper range safety and etiquette. We didnʼt grow up hunting, only one of us was in the military and in all honesty...we all learned the hard way what to do and what NOT to do with all these things.


Guns and Lace


What's hotter than an awesome gun? ... An awesome gun in the hands of a beautiful girl, not just any girl but a Guns and Lace Girl, that knows how to shoot!

My mission is to deliver the best firearms and personal protection training you need in today's society, and to provide you with great deals on firearms.  Website - and Youtube Channel -
CHL Firearms is owned and operated by decorated Marine Sergeant and Police Deputy Martin Garret who after completing high school joined the United States Marine Corps Reserve.

After serving just two years, Martin's unit was activated for Operation Desert Storm/Desert Shield.

Upon returning from Deset Storm/Desert Shield, Martin pursued a career in Law Enforcement and attended the Gus George La...
w Enforcement Academy in Richmond, Texas in 1992 where he graduated valedictorian.  Martin completed his 8 years reserve military duty and continued with his law enforcement career while attending college simultaneously. 

One week After the terrorist attacks of 9/11, Martin voluntarily re-enlisted in the United States Marine Corps for another 4 years active duty and served two more active combat tours of duty in Iraq. 

Martin has served his country and his community since 1987 and has received the following military decorations:

Combat Action (x3)
Navy Presidential Unit Citation
Navy Unit Commendation
Meritorious Unit Commendation 
Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal (x2)
Select Marine Corps Reserve Medal (x2)
National Defense Service Medal (x2)
Southwest Asia Service Medal (w/3 bronze stars for all 3 campaigns: Desert Shield, Desert Storm, Peace Keeping Force) 
Humanitarian Service Medal
Sea Service Deployment Ribbon (x3)
Kuwait Liberation Medal –Saudi Arabia)
Kuwait Liberation (Kuwait)
Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary
Global War on Terror Service 

After successfully and honorably serving his last tour of duty in the military, Martin devoted his energy into his family and his life at home.

Martin continues serving his community as a reserve Deputy.


Tactical Girls™ captures the raw sensuality of these powerful action girls with guns, in realistic settings, and with some of the world’s most exotic REAL weaponry.  Calendar content is PG-13 and meets military standards for shipment to all parts of the world, so you can send our gunslinger girls anywhere.

The Tactical Girls® 2013 gun calendar starts in January of 2013 and brings you 13 months of hot girls with some of the world's most exotic weaponry in realistic tactical settings. It includes gun specifications and trivia from military, law enforcement and firearms history and, of course, the beautiful Tactical Girls Calendar Girls.

Hollywood femme fatales inspire the girls and guns photo shoots for our calendars. However, the weapons we use are from our extensive armory of legal, licensed, fully functioning, full-automatic, class 3 machine guns, submachine guns, sniper rifles and assault rifles in use by elite members of military units and law enforcement agencies around the world.


Welcome to the Cold Dead Hands website!  Many of you have been following us for the last year on Facebook and now we have the opportunity to bring our page full circle.  For those of you who haven’t, we’re sorry for what you’ve been missing but welcome to our family of Patriots now. 

Our page has been bringing patriotic, political and gun rights articles, memes and photos to Facebook since our inception in February 2012.  With the help of thousands of like-minded individuals, we’ve started to amass a group of Americans intent on restoring our Country to its original intent, luster and glory! 

Our website will now be introducing many new features; including , news feeds from our favorites lists, web store**, monthly giveaways, featured blogs and articles, instructional and how-to videos as well as a rated business directory, a gun rights lawyer referral directory and specially developed software for gun enthusiasts.

We have also provided new contact information for you to voice your opinions to us directly, and we are working on a new helpline, for any questions on issues you’ve not found answers to. 

Thank you for coming to the site. Make sure to (if you haven’t already) register for our ‘pry it from my’ Cold Dead Hands 1911 giveaway.  Please enjoy your stay and share it with your friends, family and fellow patriots because without your help our efforts will surely die in vain!   

*Premium Member services include many benefits including, a free CDH t-shirt of choice, 10% off all web store purchases, automatic entry into all future giveaways, as well as, but not limited to, advanced forum features.  Please check out our Premium Member tab for detailed list of all features.


It is commonly said that the mind is your most powerful weapon. We at Brumal Tactical fully believe this, which is why our training is not only designed to give you the physical skills necessary to defend yourself, but the proper frame of mind and mental training to use them. Panic, stress, adrenaline, and hundreds of other factors during a dangerous encounter can impact your ability to think, act, and move competently, and with precision. While we can't negate the body's natural reactions to dangerous situations, we can help prepare you for them. Through a combination of simulated combat, stress inducing drills, and intellectual exploration, students graduating from our courses will obtain a greater understanding of not only how they naturally react to dangerous situations, but how to deal with them.

Every instructor at Brumal Tactical that teaches courses above the basic level have real life experience using combat skills to save their lives, and the lives of others around them. Their experience ranges from an Army Ranger with combat experience in the middle east, to a former Secret Service agent, to a Sherriff's deputy with hundreds of hours of search and rescue training and field experience. These instructors were all hand selected from hundreds of applications because of their training and experience, as well as their ability to effectively communicate.

Our mission is to train our students and ourselves to be confident, proficient, and effective with their defensive weapons. We want to empower every student that takes our courses, sending them away with a few new tools in their self defense arsenal. We will guide you, work with you, and pass along the benefits of our experience, but most importantly, we will challenge you. We will teach you to fight and survive. You will be sore at the end, but you will never leave empty handed.


Have you ever wondered what do to in the event of a Zombie Outbreak? Do you find yourself thinking about whether or not zombies sink or swim or how long it would take one to decompose? Need advice on how to purify your water or treat a wound?

Here at Zombease, we focus on the reality on survival and preparedness, even through a Zombie attack or outbreak. You’ll find articles about Bug-Out-Bags, surviving on the move, what Zombies really eat, and much more here at

Check out the archives for answers to reader-submitted questions, gear reviews, Zombease updates, and Zombie related news. Or take a look at the Official Zombease Guides, written by our panel of Experts, for in-depth articles on survival, Zombies, and preparedness; and don’t forget to take a look at our DIY or Die Trying how-to articles.

Got a Zombie question on the brain? E-mail us at: